Installation of Electrical Supply Points for Cars at La Marquesa Golf Club

Rojales, Valencian Community, March 21, 2024
The prestigious La Marquesa Golf Club, located in the town of Rojales, has taken a step towards sustainability and electric mobility by installing four electrical supply points for cars in its facilities. This initiative, which combines sport and environmental responsibility, has been received with enthusiasm by members and visitors. It is a cooperation with Porche and Iberdrola.

Benefits for Golfers
  1. Convenient Charging: Golfers who own electric vehicles can now charge their cars while enjoying their passion for golf. The charging points are strategically located near the parking spaces.
  2. Support for Sustainable Mobility: La Marquesa Golf joins the global commitment to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner mobility. Installing these charging points is a step in the right direction.
  3. Comprehensive Experience: In addition to enjoying a first-class golf course, golfers can charge their electric vehicles without complications. This improves the overall experience at the club.

Technical details

• Location: The four electricity supply points are strategically distributed in the club’s main parking lot.
• Charging Capacity: Each charging point offers a fast charging capacity of up to 22 kW, allowing most electric vehicles to be charged in a short time.
• Compatibility: The charging points are compatible with all electric and plug-in car models available on the market.

Environmental Commitment

La Marquesa Golf demonstrates its commitment to the environment by facilitating the transition towards more sustainable mobility. Golfers can charge their cars while enjoying the beauty of the course and contributing to the protection of the natural environment.
This project is an inspiring example for other sports clubs and communities, showing how technology and environmental awareness can go hand in hand to create a cleaner and healthier future.