It all starts with the initiative of José Ángel Quesada to give a leap in quality to La Marquesa Golf, the action plan begins in May 2019, where he places his trust in Pascual Jiménez leaving in his hands the new design and project, 9 greens and 4 fairways.

This ambitious remodelling has a special guest, our friend and champion Miguel Angel Jimenez who guides and advises Pascual in specific moments, but essential, especially in a proposal as beautiful as risky, the construction of a mythical hole “The 17th hole of Sawgrass”, at that very moment of the idea, knee to the ground, in barely a minute, Miguel Angel drew in the sand of a bunker to the smallest detail the legendary green.

Before presenting the video, I would like to thank the Florida Institute of Surveying for their availability at all times in providing the necessary documentation. To add, with the utmost humility, respect and admiration for the original hole… this is how our Sawgrass of Alicante turned out.