Irrigation optimization

Irrigation Optimization at Golf La Marquesa with the Toro Lynx System
In a continued effort to improve sustainability and efficiency in golf course maintenance, La Marquesa Golf has successfully implemented Toro’s Lynx irrigation system. This innovative software allows centralized control and intelligent irrigation management, optimizing water consumption and ensuring optimal field care.
Here are the key aspects of this implementation:
1. Precise Control: The Lynx system provides up-to-date information on field hydraulic systems in real time. Greenkeepers can monitor and adjust irrigation remotely, ensuring precise water distribution to each area of the course.
2. Unification of Systems: Golf La Marquesa has two courses: the North Course and the South Course. Each one had a different irrigation control system. With Lynx, it has been possible to merge both systems into a single platform, simplifying management and reducing configuration time.
3. Water and Energy Savings: Thanks to precise programming and the ability to water in seconds instead of minutes, Golf La Marquesa has achieved significant savings in water consumption (between 15% and 20%). This has also had a positive impact on electricity consumption.
4. Ease of Monitoring: Greenkeepers can monitor irrigation from their mobile devices or tablets. It is no longer necessary to be physically present at each irrigation station; The Lynx app provides real-time data to make informed decisions.
5. Modernization and Sustainability: The implementation of Lynx is part of a broader modernization process at La Marquesa Golf. The comprehensive renewal of irrigation in the North Field is a step towards a more sustainable and efficient field.
In short, Toro’s Lynx system has revolutionized the way La Marquesa Golf manages its irrigation. The combination of advanced technology and an environmentally conscious approach ensures a first-class golf course for players and nature lovers alike.