Toffs and Eurogolf

Both Eurogof and Toffs were founded on JULY 4, 1991, it is known as Eurotoffs

The founders were, Ken Wilson, Tug Wilson, Tony Wood, Bill Thompson, Joe Theakston, Anne Ritches, Norah Bone.

Ana stated that the cost per head would be 425 pesetas. It was agreed that members would pay 200 pesetas and the additional cost would be absorbed with cash for the club’s funds.

Each of the committee members provides a bottle of “Champagne” as a prize. Agreed

The week following the creation of the club, a dinner was organized in which both members and non-members of the club could participate.

The “treasurers” of the club would be Ken, Anne and Norah

At the beginning of the competition, the wooden spoon was awarded to the last place finisher in the competition, a prize that had a bit of humor.

Currently, the Toffs group plays every Tuesday (except the months of July and August) from 08:02 to 09:22 on the 1st and 10th tees.

Eurogolf, Play instead, on Thursdays from