Eurogolf Championship

EuroToffs Club Championship Tournament 2023-2024


The EuroToffs Club Championship is an annual event that brings together passionate golfers in the last week of May. This year, the tournament had 60 players participating. The competition took place over two days, Tuesday and Thursday (not cumulative) in the Stroke play modality.

Players were divided into two tee boxes, allowing for exciting and varied competition. During the rounds, golfers demonstrated their skills and strategies on the course.

On Thursday, the same players came out again for the final round. There was quite a bit of “tension” ,since, those who did not obtain good results on Tuesday, came out with everything on Thursday.

At the end of the tournament, a closing dinner was held at the RamË restaurant, where participants shared anecdotes and celebrated the achievements of the championship. In addition, the awards ceremony was held, recognizing the winners in different categories.

The classification was as follows:

Tuesday Round:

Cat 1 Nett

1st Alan Carter 71 

2nd Pete Cleaver 71

Cat 2 Nett

1st Alan Hasson 66

2nd Bill Peters 69

Cat 3 Nett

1st Bill Galagher 71 

2nd Veva Vanbeckevoort 71 

Thursday Round:

Cat 1 Nett

1st Arty Crammon 68

2nd Perry Blenkiron 69

Cat 2 Nett

1st Keith Davidson 67

2nd John Kirkwood 73

Cat 3 Nett

1st Veva Vanbeckevoort 74

2nd Geoff Bloomfield 75


Congratulations to the winners