On Friday, May 31, a very special moment took place at the prestigious LA MARQUESA GOLF CLUB located in the Ciudad Quesada urbanization, in Rojales, Alicante.

Its owner José Ángel Quesada and his wife María González are firm believers in the family and are determined to support it from all points of view. They know that if the family is going well, everything is going well and they want their workers to have all the help they need to consolidate their families. To this end, the LA MARQUESA GOLF COURSE and the FAMILIA Y EDUCACIÓN FOUNDATION have signed the ALLIANCE FAMILIA EMPRESA Collaboration Agreement.

They organized this presentation event so that their workers could learn first-hand what services the Family Guidance Center (COF) of the Family and Education Foundation can offer them and their families.

Both José Ángel and María presented the project and the commitment they had made in their firm defense of supporting the principles that emanate from the Agreement. There was a short presentation by the director of the COF who, through different examples, made them see that all families throughout their life cycle go through situations that, if not addressed adequately, can give rise to a major crisis with great impact. in all its members. Communication problems in a couple, raising children, adolescence, the death of a family member, an economic crisis… there are many situations that can be experienced in the family and having the guidance and help of professionals will make it easier. a lot of things.

After the presentation there were two testimonies, on the one hand, a COF collaborating psychologist explained how important it is to ask for help in time and in the same sense a COF user expressed how she and her husband went to the COF for problems of communication and how it helped them go through a crisis from which they did not know how to get out on their own.

Next, the “FAMILY COMPANY ALLIANCE” logo plaque was unveiled. Other businessmen from the area invited by María and José Ángel also attended the presentation event and then there was an opportunity to share a lunch and exchange impressions. They all agreed on the importance of family balance in the happiness of their workers and considered this initiative a good opportunity to reinforce it.