A twenty year History

Relevant tournaments played:

Ryder Cup Amater. Junio de 1996
Copa Nacional Puerta de Hierro. Diciembre de 2001
Campeonato Inter territorial Femenino de España. Octubre 2002
Campeonato Internacional de España Junior Masculino. Mayo 2004
Levante Cup. Diciembre 2007
Levante Cup. Noviembre 2009

A continual improvement

After its first inception in 1989, by Don Justo Quesada Samper, the golf course has gone through a long process of modifications and improvements. Carlos Aguilar has supervised this process, using his knowledge as a prestigious golfer to further improve the course to modern standards.

Among these improvements we have lengthened tees, repositioned bunkers, built new greens, channeled rain water, as well as planting new varieties of grass, adapted to our sunny climate. The result is one of the most prestigious courses of our area both for its game and its playing conditions.

The La Marquesa Golf Club as we know it today was founded and designed by D. Justo Quesada under the name of "Club de Golf Quesada". Its location, near the city of Alicante, helped it grow rapidly, and an important numer of members joined the club in a short period. For a while, it was esteemed that 80% of the players in the province made their first swings there.

In 1994 it changed its name to "La Marquesa Golf & Country Club", a name that, thanks to Quesada family's real estate projects began to be know throughout Europe as the flagship of an ambitious residential project called Ciudad Quesada - a development with over 15,000 homes that surrounds the golf course.

It was precisely the international character of the local residents that gave the club its cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is always a pleasure to see so many nationalities together in such a cordial environment.

Over the years, the club has gone through many changes, such as technical and design improvements, but always respecting our main objective: offering a varied and fun course.

Carlos Aguilar Quesada

Carlos Aquilar Quesada

Within the history of our course, we can not forget our most accomplished player. Carlos Aguilar has won many tournaments in both amateur and professional categories, amongst which we would like to highlight:

  • Spanish Individual Champion sub-15
  • Spanish Individual runner up sub-17
  • Spanish Individual Champion Absoloto MatchPlay
  • Spanish Individual Champion Absoloto Stroke Play
  • Peugeot Tour Empordá Champion 2006

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