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Why do we name the holes?

Throughout 30 years, La Marquesa Golf, has suffered an infinite number of changes to the course, to the point that the same players and employees to understand what hole it was was a very complicated mission, in this way and for this main reason the idea of assigning a name to each hole was born.

No doubt, each assigned name has its meaning and why…


Hole 1, El 1

Par 4. Hcp 1.
This beautiful and demanding hole is coincidentally the only one on the course that in its 30 years at no time changed its number and therefore deserves to be officially named, The 1.

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Hole 2, El Corazón

Par 5. Hcp 7.
This is one of the 9 new greens, with a heart shape without any specific reason of its form, just to make a green with a special design. To see such a shape obviously, it must be seen from a high position where you can appreciate the heart shape.

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Hole 3, Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Par 4. Hcp 13.
The hole with the highest economic cost of the remodeling. It is built on the old holes 11 and 12 needing to eliminate the mountain located between the 2 holes taking advantage of its 18,000 m2 of land reusing it in the formation of their Tees, street and green. For what it contributes to golf, for its invaluable help in the new design, for being AMIGO of La Marquesa and for infinity of reasons more, it has been baptized with the name, Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

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Hole 4, Fina

Par 4. Hcp 15.
Wife of D.Justo Quesada, Mrs. Fina, faithful to her husband's projects, was a fundamental part in the construction of what is today La Marquesa Golf, a golf enthusiast for more than 40 years, and in honor of her person she is named, Fina's Hole.

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Hole 5, El Tubo

Par 4. Hcp 5.
Because of its characteristic and main difficulty of this hole it receives its name, El Tubo, a fairway between 2 extremely narrow mountains no more than 18 meters wide. Any player who has played this hole will understand the reason for its name. The Tube.

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Hole 6, El Piano

Par 3. Hcp 8.
Possibly the most difficult par 3 on the course. There is no doubt that the 2 main platforms that divide the green with a difference in level between them of 1.20 is easy to relate its name as El Piano.

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Hole 7, Justo

Par 5. Hcp 10.
Justo Quesada 1.926-2010, founder and designer of Golf Quesada 1.989, now La Marquesa Golf. Acknowledged and beloved businessman, he was awarded distinctions such as "Turismo Costa Blanca 1991", "Jaguar Award to the best Spanish developer 1999" "Alicante Chamber of Tourism Award" "Prestige Rating Book" "FGCV Award as a promoter of Golf on the Costa Blanca". It is fair and essential that one of the holes is called Justo.

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Hole 8, El Corto

Par 3. Hcp 18.
Probably the hole where most "local" players make their first "par" even "birdie". Its name, a little lie, does not obey reality, El Corto.

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Hole 9, El Largo

Par 5. Hcp 3.
Since its construction, especially for its meters considered the most difficult hole on the course, being the longest par 5 of the course and one of the longest holes in the Valencian Community, it is easy to relate to its name, El Largo.

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Hole 10, El Olivo

Par 4. Hcp 17.
Only when you get to the tee will you understand its name, a century-old olive tree at the head, named Miguel A. Jimenez, will have double honour on this hole, El Olivo.

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Hole 11, El Muro

Par 4. Hcp 6.
It is 25 years that characterizes something special to this beautiful and emblematic hole 11, its stone wall to the right of green, its 5 m. high and more than 50 long is more than justified to receive its name, The Wall.

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Hole 12, El Géiser

Par 3. Hcp 14.
Spectacular par 3, it has always had "its dry lake", only in strong rains it could show off its water sheet and by filtrations for a short time. Recently (2.019) it has been reconstructed with plastic sheet and at the request of Jesús Quesada a Geyser has been installed in the centre which at its maximum pressure can reach 14 metres in altitude. For novelty it will be easy to relate this hole with its name, The Geyser.

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Hole 13, La Gospa

Par 4. Hcp 2.
One of the new greens, next to La Casa Club where a place of worship to the Virgin of Medjujorge has been built a few meters from Green, better known as "La Gospa"

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Hole 14, La bicicleta

Par 4. Hcp 4.
Original Green in the shape of a "bicycle saddle" hence its name, it will not go unnoticed, not only for its design but also for its falls with 2% respecting the shape of a bicycle saddle. The bike.

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Hole 15, Los ficus

Par 4. Hcp 16.
Due to its large number of trees of this variety in this hole, it will be a matter of a short time before it becomes one of the most beautiful and attractive corners of the route, Los Ficus.

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Hole 16, Sawgrass

Par 3. Hcp 9. This par 3 hole needs no introduction, the moment it reaches the tee it reveals the evidence of its name, the jewel in the crown. Sawgrass.

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Hole 17, El 155

Par 3. Hcp 11.
The reason for its name is due to 2 coincidences, due to its distance, 155 meters and construction date that coincides with the period in which article 155 of the Spanish constitution was applied to the Catalan Community. The 155.

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Hole 18, España

Par 5. Hcp 12.
During the last 6 years until today, it is the only Green on the route with a repeating flag, in this case wearing the Spanish flag. It was easy to assign your name. Spain.

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